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How did the carpet come from?

Carpets were used in China in 500 BC. The earliest known carpets originated in China and Iran in the 5th century BC. In 1606, carpets woven by looms were first used near Paris, France. Today's carpets are usually woven from man-made fiber and wool.


The vivid history tells us that the carpet was originally made by the ancestors to keep out the cold. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the nomadic people outside the Great Wall began to weave and use carpets as cold ground objects. There were carpets with fine workmanship in the Western Han Dynasty. With the elimination of the Huns by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the Silk Road, a trade route to West Asia and Europe, was opened. The silk road not only carries silk, carpets, porcelain, tea and spices, but also promotes the exchange and dissemination of eastern and Western cultures. The Chinese carpet weaving technology came to the Middle East and Europe along with China's Silk Road through Central Asia. At the same time, it also showed the Chinese people the Persian carpet representing the Persian civilization. In Persian carpet patterns, there are still many patterns exactly the same as Chinese carpet patterns. Others believe that the pattern of Persian carpet comes from China, but it has been carefully modified and added Persian color in the hands of Persian designers, so as to become a pattern with Middle East style. Since the Western Han Dynasty, the two ancient civilizations have been learning from each other, exchanging and drawing lessons from each other. Traditional Chinese patterns, traditional Persian patterns and weaving techniques have been integrated with each other for a long time, thus achieving an elegant and delicate carpet art.

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