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How do i connect these bike wheels to an axle and a wooden frame?

Well, I‘m building a two person pedal car, and i need a way of connecting an aluminium bike wheel to a steel axle. I don‘t have a welder, but since they are two different metals i couldn‘t weld them together anyway. It needs to be on about halfway down the axle, and it has to rotate with the axle. I also need to attach a regular bike gear next to it, also rotating with the axle. How should i do this?Also, i need to attach two more bike wheels to the side of the frame, so they are parallel, and so they don‘t tip inwards when weight is put onto them.So, how do i connect a gear and a wheel to an axle halfway down, and how do i connect wheels to the side of a thing of wood?


One thing you need to be aware of right away. If your frame is aluminum and you bend it with your hands, that is it. You need a new frame as that one could fail catastrophically at any time. If it is made of steel it can be repaired but that is nothing you can do and it will cost quite a bit. Assuming the frame is good. There are other things to look at. The rim may have loose spokes. The axel may be bent or both. Also the bearings could be mesh up. Most likely you will need a whole new wheel because cheap wheels are not worth to fix. You need to get ride of the washers and maybe get new nuts. Make sure they are tight correctly.
May 28, 2018

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