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How do I fix back wheel bearings/axle on bicycle?

Everything look correct but when i wiggle the wheel it goes side to side like there is something lose. The wheel is screw on securely but it wiggles side to side. any help?


Those nut things on the axle inside the bike frame are called the cones. This is what the bearings ride on. What you need to do is take the wheel off the bike and then slowly tighten the cones in till there is very little to no play in the axle and it still spins nice and smooth. You then tighten the thin lock nuts against the cone nuts. Sometimes as you tighten the lock nuts the cones move a bit so you may have to go back and fourth a few times till you get the proper amount of tension and them locked at the same time. With all that adjusted and locked you should be able to bolt it back in the frame and it will be fine.

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