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How do i get my dog to stop urinating on my motorcycle tires?

This is a big problem for me since urine is really bad for metal and my motorcycle rims are getting corroded so quickly because of this bad habit of my dog. How can i stop him doing that? Are there any tricks and tips with you all?


you'll have to block his access to the bike, or move it elsewhere. Is he fixed? you might try that too.
Here is my tip. Lightly step on the rear brake until you feel the bike slow down. Wish to slow down faster, step a LITTLE harder. Slowing too fast, slightly release the pressure. Seriously you couldn't figure this out by yourself? You couldn't figure out that if you step on the rear brake the bike will slow down? You are not ready for riding on the road. You have already developed bad habits. Unlearn the bad habits, learn good habits and skills, and reschedule your test.
tell him no sternly when he does it and tell him he is good when he pees somewhere else. good luck! it may take awhile!
Don't let the dog have access to the motorcycle. If you have the bike out, keep the dog inside or on a leash.
I'm not sure what the problem is, but I can offer one tip. If you apply the rear brake hard enough to lock up the wheel while you're looking just a few feet ahead of you, the bike is likely to slide out from under you. But if you're looking way down the road, that won't happen. I can't explain why it's true, but it is.

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