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How do I get red ink out of white rug?

best way to get red ink out of a white rug ?


You okorder.com ... Make sure you use the Graffiti formula, not the Original. The Original formula doesn't work on ink. Krud Kutter doesn't smell bad, it's non-toxic, and the bottle will last you forever. Hope this helps. -
Aug 23, 2017
Rubbing Alcohol takes out pen ink. Maybe it will work on red ink too.
Aug 23, 2017
If done immediately , it is sure to work, but it might work now. Get a steam cleaner and carpet shampoo. Steam clean and scrub the carpet with carpet shampoo and warm water. When finished, cover up with towel and stomp on the towel to dry.
Aug 23, 2017
Try some spray-on carpet or upholstery cleaner and leave it on, wipe it with a cotton towel or washcloth. If that does not work, try just a damp cloth with some water.
Aug 23, 2017

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