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How do I get the smell of latex out of gloves?

The safety gloves I need to wear at work are nylon coated with latex. Every time I put my hands near my face with the gloves on the smell is so strong that it gives me a headache. How can I get rid of the scent from the gloves?


Most household smoke detectors only sniff the air for smoke, though there are more elaborate units that sense heat and carbon monoxide. My rice cooker has never made the smoke detector wake up, but the toaster has. I forgot that a detector wasn't supposed to be used as a kitchen timer. Because a rice cooker just adds water vapor to the air it won't set off a smoke detector unless it is left on long enough to evaporate all the moisture and start to burn whatever food it contains. Not sure about hair straighteners, but I don't have much hair. I would guess that if you use one improperly it could give off fumes that the smoke detector thinks is a fire. Your rice cooker will be fine to use at school and is a great way to save money and time with almost no risk other than neighbors trying to mooch food because your room smells so good. Tell them it's an old family recipe and contains something odd, like vegetables. You can always get a carbon monoxide detector that plugs into an outlet, because a dorm or apartment building may not have them, and it will probably help make your parents happy. Same with a small fire extinguisher. Not a bad thing to have, even if there is one right down the hall.
no. mercury will be absorbed through rubber gloves into your skin. don't mess with it.

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