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how do i get wax that is spilled onto area rug?

wax cleanup from rug


don't use an iron. You have a good chance of melting your rug if it is made of synthetic fiber. I used an iron on a rug before and the rug material actually melted and stuck to the cloth I had laid on top. If your carpet is wool or cotton it won't melt...but the melted wax will actually wick into the carpet fiber when it liquifies. Do the opposite. Get a bag of ice and freeze it for several minutes, then scrape the hardened wax from the carpet with a credit card or plastic scraper. If there is any wax color remaining in the carpet, you may have more problems.
Aug 23, 2017
I have used an iron and a cloth to get wax out of the carpet before. Lay the clth over the area and then apply a warm iron to the cloth, Hold it in place for awhile and then remove it. If I remember correctly, I had to do it about 20 times to get all the wax removed, but it worked.
Aug 23, 2017
get a brown paper bag... grocer bag... iron on low to med heat. lay the iron over the bag over the wax for a 10 sec... keep doin that pull up the way w/ a butter knife. U can try the ice as well... it works as good
Aug 23, 2017

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