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How do I help my niece? (I am her guardian.) She has recently been diagnosed with severe.read the rest!!!

and permanent irritable bowel syndromeThis means that often she has diarrhea or constipationShe is eight years old so she is perfectly potty trainedWhen she is constipated, the doctor told me to help her by quot;forcingquot; her bowels to work without medicine or laxatives or any sort or adding more fiber to her diet, because her condition is not dietaryI have been told that this can be done by pushing on her feet or having her poop in a hole, where she can squatHow can I help her?PLEASE NO STUPID ANSWERS!! SHE HAS ALREADY BEEN TO THE DOCTOR, HOW ELSE WOULD SHE HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED? BE NICE, OR I WILL REPORT YOU!!!


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I would suggest that you get more advice from the doctor and maybe see a specialistThere are really great doctors that specialize in this problemI know that the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins hospitals are some of the best when it comes to Crohn's DiseaseShe may need to be further checked to see if that may be the causeI hope she feels betterIt is sad that she is suffering with this and so young tooI know you are trying hard to help herEDIT: I just rememberedexercise helps a lotIf you can make sure that you take walks together (maybe after dinner every night), it helps to move the bowelsAnd be sure she's drinking plenty of waterEDIT2: The foot pushing and squatting may helpIt really will be easier to tell when she has an episodeSometimes, when I was a kid and was constipated, I found that getting on my knees and laying over them (sort of holding my knees with them pressed against my stomach) helpedThere's no perfect way to solve constipationI know you said the condition is not dietary, but sometimes it can still help to just make sure she's getting soluble fiber (the kind in WHITE bread, apples, pears, citrus fruit, dried fruit, artichokes)It's not the same as fiber that's roughage (IE: high fiber cereals, whole wheat etc)Soluble fiber forms a soft gel in the intestines to help move food throughI see you are a UVA fanIf you live in VA, you aren't far from BaltimoreIt may be worth seeing a specialist at Johns Hopkins.

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