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how do i install a axle flip kit?

i own a 94 ford ranger, it has a 2.4 wit a 5spd, its 2wd, its a base model with a standard cab, short bed, i want to install a axle flip kit, how do i install it, and whats involved, what do i need besides the kit? and can you help me find a cheap flip kit? the cheapest i could find was $79.95 from lmc truck


the kit comes with new axle perches that need to be welded to the axle. it's real simple but you want to set the pinion angle to point a bit lower if your dropping it. thats about average price, with new u-bolts included. i recommend you bolt it up without welding first. drop it to ride height and set the pinion angle. then tack weld it, disassemble and finish welding with it apart so you get it good.
May 28, 2018

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