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How do I keep my dragon from breathing fire?

My dragon keeps breathing fire and the insurance said they won't pay for the repairs no more. has anyone faced this problem before and could you give me some advice?


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In my area we keep the fire extinguisher in the boot of the car in a bracket. The ideal place is within reach of the driver as it will be to hand when needed.. It would need to be secured in some way in case of harsh braking or accident. The reason we keep them in the boot is simply one of space in the cabin. We use them most often for minor fires we come across (dustbins etc) and I have yet to use one on a vehicle fire. We call the fire brigade for this and a small fire extinguisher is not likely to put out a vehicle fire once it has caught hold. If the gas tank explodes a fire extinguisher in the boot will not cause any extra problems. I have seen fire extinguishers on brackets below the drivers seat if you are looking for really quick access.

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