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How do I know which axle is bad on my car?

I have a 94 Olds Delta 88. The steering wheel vibrates really bad and there is a clicking noise coming from the left front.It gets worse if I turn the wheel to the right.


It's the left front. From the sound, you can be like 99 percent sure that's it (unless you're getting some weird acoustics tricking your ear) Get your head under the car (if you have to jack it up, make sure it's securely supported by more than just the jack) and look at the axles. Generally speaking, a bad CV axle will have a bad boot. The boot (the rubber parts wrapped around the inside edges of the big knobs on the ends of the axle) will appear worn, and will probably have cracks in them. They may be covered in grease that's leaked out. If the boots are good, all you really have to go on is the sound. And yes, you should replace them in pairs, unless one of them is already relatively new. BTW, if you have the tools, you can do this yourself. It will take you at MOST an hour to do the first one. Once you know what you're doing, this is a 15-20 minute job (per side), including jacking the car up and down. By the way, while you can be fairly certain this noise is caused by the CV axles, it isn't 100 percent. I replaced both axles on my Accord and I'm still having a similar noise (I'm guessing it's suspension bushings, that's the only thing I haven't closely checked.)
May 28, 2018
Depending on the tools you have, jack up the car and turn the tire yourself, you are feeling for a rough/ gritty feeling. If you are feeling this on the front end of the car it could be 3 possible things depending whether you car is front or rear wheel drive. Front wheel drive cars have CV joints and when they wear out you will feel that rear wheel drive cars will have bearings on the front and they most likely will need to be replaced i would check tire balance as well as it usually creates tire vibration that is felt in the steering wheel
May 28, 2018
You said it yourself, left front. It sounds like you need a new CV joint. Replace both inner and outer at the same time. You can purchase a new axle shaft (rebuilt) at any auto parts store for under $100 and they are easy to replace with common tools
May 28, 2018

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