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How do I put in a passenger side front axle?

I m trying to instal a passenger side front wheel axle on a Pontiac Grand Am. But I am having trouble getting it in. I can get it into the transmission, but not the other part. It s almost as if its too long. I was told I have to take that part off, but it is way too rusted. Any ideas?


My guess is that you don't have the inboard CV joint seated fully in the transmission. That joint has a snap ring on it and if it isn't shoved in all the way for that snap ring to seat, the axle will be too long. You may have to hold a small piece of wood against the lip of the tulip portion of the inner joint and tap it to make it seat. Do NOT hammer on the outboard stub axle. That can crack the bearings inside the inner joint.
May 28, 2018

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