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How do I remove the passenger side axle on a 1994 Saturn SC?

I‘m trying to replace the wheel baring and got as far as taking the off the brake caliper, brake disk, and axle bolt. the axle moves but not enough to disengage completely. It was suggested that i remove the susspention rod held in by a small bolt. (i‘m worried that if i remove this i will not be able to align the wheel again to put the bolt back on.)


Here is the RIGHT way to remove the right side axle. Remove the wheel, brake caliper, brake rotor, axle nut, ball joint pinch bolt, pry the lower control arm/ball joint from the right side knuckle. Pull the hub assembly away from the car while pushing the axle in towards the car. The axle should be all the way out of the hub now. Using a hammer, tap on the inner cv joint where it meets the carrier bearing. The entire axle will come off the intermediate shaft now. Now you will be holding the entire right side axle in your hand. If you want to remove the carrier bearing and intermediate axle, simply remove the three 15mm bolts holding into the engine block, drain the transmission fluid, rotate the carrier bearing downward and pull the axle out. Simply reverse the procedure to assemble it. Good luck, Kevin ASE Master Certified AutoTechnician Saturn Certified Auto Technician
May 28, 2018
Yes you need to remove the tie rod end, get the tool at auto zone (lone), remove the lower spindle ball joint then pull out the spindle (some people call it a knuckle) the axle will slide out of the center of the spindle, the axle may be hard to pull out of the transmission but with a wide screwdriver pry between the case and axle and it should pop out (transmission oil may leak out you need to refill), be sure the vehicle is on a jack stand and the wheels blocked. Have someone with you just in-case something gos wrong. Be careful, you can get a book for pictures to guide you with its an easy repair about one hour, just take your time and re-tighten all bolts good, Good luck and GOD Bless
May 28, 2018
you need a gear puller you can get them at any auto parts store and you need to unhook your ball joint (not remove) withch you need a ball joint seperater and you will need a tie rod seperater and you will need to remove the bolt on the tie rod but it will not affect you allinement if you dont remove the outter tie rod from the inner tie rod once all that is done the gear puller comes into play its kinda hard to explain but its got 3 long fingers with a hook shape at each end of the fingers and a center that it threaded and comes to a point at one end the other end it shaped to put a socket or wrench on it take them 3 fingers put them on the back of your hub bearing what ever it is then take the center of the gear puller and put the point at the end of the axle once its set and good to go take your wrench socket what ever and turn to the right and it will push the axle out of the bearing hub what ever it is once done the bearing should be an easy fix now removing the axle from the tranny use just a small pry bar and whiggle it not to hard untill you see it come out of the tranny just a little then just pull it out from the other end well i hope this helps you a little bit good with you project
May 28, 2018
either has internal ply seperation causing vibration, or worn component on car, or bad alignment has caused tire to wear improperly. bad tire in this case means it cannot be balanced to compensate for shaking issue and it needs replacing.
May 28, 2018

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