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how do i unbend a rug and keep it from wrinkling?

the corners of my rug keep bending and it alllways gets messed up and wrinkledin this middle. why does it do thatt=[


Hi, okorder / ... Hope this helps.
My girfriend used to actually iron down the corners of her rug! As for wrinkling, it's probably not a very thick or heavy rug, you might have to ( the iron again!) a rubber type backing
Jenny is right about using a thin matt under the rug after you get the corners flat and the 1 st poster said to iron it.. If you try and iron any thing with nylon fibers you ll melt them and ruin the rug. So to answer you question, 1 st turn the rug over and place on a warm spot such as a heat register. You may need to do 1 corner at a time.Heat will relax the backing and help flatten it. Small weight on the corner ( such as a book or some magazines) help help too. You may want to even back roll it and warm it. This will flatten the corners out while its getting warm. Then use the matts recommended for you rug. There are matts for rugs over hard wood, over a hard surface and rugs over carpet. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar..GL

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