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How do i unlock a locked seat belt? is in a lock position and wont release?

i have a 2005 kia rio and both of the back seat seat belts will not unlock,there just hanging there loose.any ideas?if there is a way to unlock it how do i release it? what do i do?


It depends on the building and associated risks.. Offices: In a standard office the usual combination is Carbon dioxide and Water. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers will cover the electrical equipment/appliances present, and water extinguishers will cover the Solid Combustible materials such as paper, curtains, carpet Etc. Warehouse: Depending on what is being stored, water extinguishers would usually be the first choice. Carbon Dioxide extinguishers would then be the ideal second choice to cover any fire risks that may derive from the electrical equipment/appliances present. Industrial Premises: The type of extinguishers required will depend on the types of substances stored or used at the premises. In general terms, dry powder and foam extinguishers would be the obvious choices, with Carbon Dioxide extinguishers also being installed to cover any specific electrical risks. Dry powder is ideal for heavy machinery as well as substances which react violently with water, and foam will be ideal for any Solid Combustible materials (wood, paper etc.) or flammable liquid fires / spillages. Industrial Kitchens: In industrial kitchens, the fire extinguishers installed will depend on the method of cooking. Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are recommended for electrical apparatus, Dry Powder extinguishers are recommended for flammable gas (gas ovens, hobs Etc.) and Wet Chemical extinguishers are recommended where oil is being used for frying. In the case of very large fryers with a surface area in excess of 0.4m?, a fixed system should be installed. At least one fire blanket should also be installed. At Home: In general terms, a 1Kg or 2 Kg Dry Powder extinguisher should be ideal for use in the home, and should be located in the kitchen. This fire extinguisher will deal with any fire in a standard home safely, and can be used on wood, paper, flammable liquids, flammable gas and electrical appliances/equipment. This should also be supplemented by a fire blanket. Hope this helps
It is the responsibility of the employer (not a contractor) to provide you with safety clothing if appropriate. It is not the responsibility of the employer to provide you with shoes.

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