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how do i unlock axles to remove on a 2001 gmc sierra 2500?

need to do seals and both brakes rear shoes and pads.have the pumpkin cover and pin out.cant find the c clips on it.assuming i need to remove ring gear bolts but that cant be right


I';m guessing you mean the small pin that screws in/out? Now you have to push out the thumb sized shaft (shiny, about 5 inches long) that goes between the ends of the axles. After that, the axles can be pushed in from the outside ends, and the c-clips will leave the pockets they are in, and be capable of coming off the grooves near the end of the axles. Then you can pull the axles all the way out, to access the seals. To reassemble, push axles all the way in, put c-clips in axle shaft groove, push out so c-clips go back in pocket, replace larger shaft, then pin. One other thing. Once you take the shaft in the center out, the spider gears (smaller, cone shaped) will be loose. Be careful turning the differential or axles after this, or they and the bushings behind can move out of position, and will have to be lined up again, or could even fall out.
May 28, 2018
There are two large round access holes in the sides of the differential that allow you to reach inside the diff pull the C clips off the ends of each axle.
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

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