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How do we remove this axle nut?

We are working on our 2004 Chrysler Sebring Sedan, and looks like we need to remove the axle nut to remove the rotor, and access a few other parts. Can anyone give us some input on the size of that nut? What is the size? Does it require anything special to get it off? Right or left hand threat? Etc. (I am asking for my dad by the way) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Loosen the hub nut before removing the brake caliper - either have an assistant press firmly on the brakes or insert a suitable tool into the rotor fins to hold it against the caliper support. The Rotor comes off WITHOUT removing the Axle Hub Nut ( 30 mm Hex ). Remove the Caliper then remove the caliper support if it wraps around the edge of the rotor ( Most DO ). If memory serves the Caliper Slide Bolts are 15 mm Hex head and the Caliper support Bolts are either 18 mm or 21 mm Hex head, please note that the caliper support bolts are VERY tight and usually require a 24 Breaker bar to loosen! You need to remove the Axle Hub Nut to remove the Axle Shaft, the hub nut ( For that matter ALL the bolts ) are right hand thread (Righty Tighty - Lefty Loosey . Chrysler Corp abandoned the use of left hand threads back around 1972 and they only used them on the wheel lug nuts anyway before that ) and NEVER use an impact tool of any kind on the nut to remove or install it! You absolutely must Torque the hub nut properly when re-installing it, I do not have the spec immediately on hand but 125 Foot Pounds then tighten until the keyed collar can be installed with a cotter pin slot and hole lined up seems familiar - CHECK a service MANUAL! The Socket can be Borrowed from most parts stores on payment of a hefty security deposit which will be returned in full on return of the tool. The same goes for the torque wrench. To remove the axle you will need a 6 foot long pry bar to separate the knuckle from the lower control arm to obtain enough force to pull them apart, then the strut will swing out far enough to pull the axle stub shaft out of the hub assembly. Use a pry bar to force the inner shaft out of the differential ( have a catch pan under the opening to collect the fluid which will pour out! ) and if it is the right hand side clean and remove the speed sensor before pulling the axle to prevent damage to it.
May 28, 2018
you dont have to remove it to get the rotor off, the only reason to remove the axle nut would be to change the wheel bearing or c/v axle itself. But if i remember right it should be a 30mm nut and it is a left hand thread. Good luck EDIT then you should have your dad go to a parts store and they can see what size socket he will need, but im pretty sure its a 30mm but dont quote me on that.
May 28, 2018

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