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How do you confirm the model of the reducer?

I have a crane here, "Chengdu Tuojiang crane factory" production; because the time has been long, want to change a reducer, but the model is a bit unclear. I probably copied it: model 20350 (really can not see clearly, just according to their appearance, probably copied), with the motor: YZR132M2-6 3.7KW center distance: 350 assembly type: 1Z speed ratio: 575


According to what time to determine?:1, first of all, the speed reducer safety factor requirements, we can not guarantee the safety of everyone, this is the most important, must not be ignored. Second, the speed reducer on what equipment to use, as well as some of the results required to use it, but also we need to do in-depth analysis. Then, as the reducer should have a motor, how much is this series motor, and what is its power (the power of motor selection, according to the required power production machinery and gear reducer is selected according to the transmission of power or torque, and speed the work needed.). Finally, the radial force and axial force of the output shaft of the reducer and the checking of the environmental temperature are two points that need to be paid attention to.
2. Reduction ratio calculation: reduction ratio = reducer input speed / reducer output speed.3 、 torque calculation: This is very important for the life of the reducer, and should pay attention to the maximum torque value of acceleration (TP) whether the maximum torque torque of the reducer.
Brief introduction of reducer:Reducer in the prime mover and working machine or actuator between the matching speed and torque transfer role, reducer is a relatively precise machine, the purpose of using it is to reduce speed, increase torque. According to transmission series can be divided into single and multi-stage reducer; gear wheel factory according to the shape can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, bevel gear reducer and bevel gear-cylindrical gear guide wheel reducer; according to the arrangement of transmission can be divided into expansion, split and same shaft type speed reducer. The reducer is a kind of independent parts enclosed by a rigid shell gear, worm gear, gear - worm gear reducer, commonly used as a prime mover and work machine. It plays an important role in matching speed and transmitting torque between prime mover and working machine or actuator, and it is widely used in modern machinery.

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