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How do you evaporate the alcohol from a bag while cleaning a bowl to collect resin?

I have put about 1/5th hot water into the bag and the rest 91% alcohol. To evaporate do i just take the bowl out and leave the bag with alcohol in there? or how do i do it? also which is best place to evaporate the fastest. garagebasementetc :) 5 *** to most helpful


Ok, if you remember the XP installtion administrator password (that you would have provided during the installtion of XP) you have a work around way While booting to XP press ctrl+alt+del twice at the welcome logon screen. You will get a logon window of administrator (this is different from what you use regularly). It will ask for administrator password - supply the password you would have set at installtion. Now you can access the control panel In User Management - create a new user with admin rights. Now restart the machine and go to the new user. From control panel user mgmt delete the old users (remember, if you have any files on desktop of the old users copy it from c:document and settingsusernamedesktop to other folder). Start using the new user.
In the picture, hard to tell for sure, but it looked like, the whole cylinder was gone (the 8 - shaped hole is where it belongs). If this is the case, it is beter than the cylinder being still there, as it wouldn't require finding a way to get the old cylinder out without the proper key. (Some of the better locks have a special key that allows the cylinder to be changed out for re-keying without taking it totally apart (usually seen with door pad locks in schools, businesses, etc)) That might be why it is missing (or maybe it was drilled out?). Maybe take it to a locksmith and see if he has got a replacement cylinder for it. If it is too much money, he might have some old locks from that company from previous jobs that he can get a cylinder from (yes, if you use a used cylinder from some scavanged lock, sombody somewhere might have a key to it, but what is the probability they will find your lock).

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