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How do you fix a water pipe that wont stay secured?

so basically i have no running water and its because the water pipe that is underground burst. its not the first time this happened. its like a plastic pipe and it wont stay glued because its cold outside and the glue wont dry so it keeps bursting. would it be possible to use a metal pipe instead? and how can the pipe be fixed so it wont keep breaking?


it slows u down not messes u up. and speed bumps in the road are there for a reason.. so u dont drive fast and end up running a person over. they suck but they prevent something worst. same as the bumps in life. u may not know why they are there but its always for a reason. you'll get over them.
that alarm will go off if the system detects any voltage drop in the electrical system so make sure your not leaving anything hooked up like a cell phone charger or any accessory that might be staying on,it will also go off if the vehicle doors aren't completely shut so make sure all door are shut and another thing that will set it off is a bad door jam switch,if you got a battery going bad in the vehicle it will also go off a lot,i had one in the other day that was going off over a glove box light that wasn't shutting off and it was causing a voltage draw on the electrical system,you need to check all this and if that doesn't help call a dealer on it,good luck

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