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How do you make Hook Rugs?

I want to make a rug, but I don't want to buy any of the patterns they've got at the store. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. If someone can walk me through it, that would be great!


Get yourself a piece of 'rug canvas' and buy a 'rug hook' and several different 'colors' of 'rug yarn' to 'fit' the size of canvas and hook. Start 'hooking' in any 'corner' and just go across to the next corner, then back ... and you can 'draw your own design' or just use 'different colors' randomly ... and the 'hook' should have 'instructions' on how to use it. It's best if you buy the 'already cut' yarn and fold it in half when you 'hook' but if you do that with your 'first' rug (which can be really small until you learn how to 'hook well') then you can decide whether you want to 'cut your own yarn' when you do your next rug. Good luck and HAVE FUN! I've hooked many 'rugs' and wall hangings, and it's a 'total blast' ... but I can't do it any more due to rheumatoid arthritis ... so you can now have 'all the fun' I'd have, with my blessing.
Aug 23, 2017
There are kits you can buy at a craft store that has a nylon net base that has a design printed on it already. They provide a special loop-hook that you use to hook the yarn through the net. They also include bundles of already cut colored yarn that's all the same size so your rug won't come out all different sizes.
Aug 23, 2017
You're obviously a creative person because you want to do your own design. My sister uses burlap, and she makes her own strips from old sheets. But you can also buy blank rug canvas and rug yarn at craft stores.
Aug 23, 2017

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