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How does a car axle get damaged?

My honda civic has the axles that are getting bad. They fixed the drivers side for now and I‘m getting the passenger done later because its not as bad. So how is it that they fix one axle? I thought they went across and connected or something.


There are two drive axles in the front of the car. One runs from the trans-axle to the driver's side wheel and the other runs from the transaxle to the passenger side. These axles have fancy universal joints built it (constant velocity or CV joints) and when the rubber boots that cover the joints get damaged (road debris or just wear) the grease that lubricates the joint leaks out. When the CV joint has no grease, it starts to wear out and there is then play in the axle, If you wait too long, the joint can actually break and cause more damage to the car. The normal fix is to replace the axle assembly.
May 28, 2018
Nothing has a solid axle except for trailers or toys, or third axles on dump trucks. every front and rear wheel drive has seperate axles for each side, with front axles having a C/V joint near the wheel and near the transmission to allow for the angles of turning wheels, and axle position in correspondance to the drivetrain.
May 28, 2018
the are called half shafts,one each side of diff
May 28, 2018

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