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How does the Xbox 360 "Plug-and-Play" kit charge the battery pack?

Hi all,Trying to mod my controller to recharge regular rechargeable batteries instead of the rechargeable packs, since I have a plug and play wire but no packs and a lot of rechargeable batteries. Since I don't have a pack, I don't know what the difference is between the rechargeable pack and the regular battery pack. So, how does the 360 know when it has a rechargeable pack and a battery pack?Thanks, -Jack


probobly the energy that is added tot he rechargable pack is only suitable for that pack. another form of electricity is prob needed for rechargable batteries, i dont think a mod will help you bro.
The rechargeable pack just comes with the cable, the battery pack alone doesn't have the cable, i suggest just to charge up your battery's with a standard battery charger and use them instead, lasts a lot longer imo.
simple there is a hub which can fit two rechargeable battery packs. If u want one for free go to easyrewardtoday.tk/ Obtain prizes every week!

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