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How long do motorcycle tires last?

I‘m going to look at a 2003 Honda CBR 600rr tomorrow and pretty set on buying. How long do tires generally last on a bike this size?


CBR600rr will require soft groove cut tyres if you want to ride it anywhere near it's potential safely. My Ducati gets around 3000-4000 miles on it's Pirelli Corsa tyres. You can get harder longer lasting tyres, however these will take longer to warm up and not have as much adhesion which pretty much defeats the object of having a race rep bike in the first place. Sports bikes will require new tyres and brakes often
Listen brother,if you are buying this bike so you can join the thrashers,then I suggest you get Pilot's or dunlop sportmax-either of these have great gripping ability.However the down side to that is you will only get about 4000 miles on the rear and about 6 on the front
It actually depends on what type of tire you wanna put on it. You have choices, i.e. soft, medium or hard tires Soft tires have very good grip but won't last as long as a medium or hard compound tires. It also depends on how you ride the CBR 600RR If you're the type who is very free with the throttle, medium or hard compound tires are your best bet.

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