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How long transmission lasts?

I wonder how long car transmission will last generally. Does anybody have to change it before car‘s dead? I feel it‘s unfair and even surrrealistic. Because transmission is extremely expensive. Don‘t you think so?


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236,000 miles on my Chevy truck. (so far)
Generally speaking manual transmissions are more trouble free than automatics. That is not to say that you may not have to put a clutch in a manual trans. at some point but overall manual transmissions are much more reliable if properly cared for.
depends on the quality of build and what they were designed for. generally speaking the ones designed for lots of tq aka trucks tend to last a really long time. the ones on cars varies but for the most part they can last 100-200k miles. the main thing that affects transmission life is how they are driven. if you are hard on them and flooring it everywhere your putting unesscary strain on the tranny and the engine. also mainteance is a key issue and keeping the tranny serviced like you should such as new tranny oil and following the service scehdule they will last a long time. one way to kill a tranny quick is having signficantly more power on a car than what the car was designed for. example 400hp on a 150hp car. yes transmission repairs are expensive because they are very labor intensive. for the most part the parts arent that bad but the labor is expensive.
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