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How much does it costs to re gear axles?

I‘m looking to get at least 35 in. tires but I know it will be hard on the trans and it will go slow so I have to re-gear the axles but I was wondering how much that costs


We need to know the exact year make and model of your car. I've never heard of re-gearing axles. Unless you've added a ton of horsepower the axles themselves wouldn't be affected. Usually the ring and pinion gears are the first to suffer. 35 tall wheels and tires wouldn't fit under a lifted pick up truck! Depending on which rear third member you plan to use the axles have splines on the inside of the center section on a machine with a hobbing cutter. Full floating rear ends such as a racing Ford 9 rear has splines on both ends of each axle.
May 28, 2018
Depends on the gears you want, affects the price. Then there is the labor rate that varies depending on the shop. Best advice would be to call a couple of shops in the area to get a more accurate estimate.
May 28, 2018

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