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How much money do you save by making your own guitar?

Im going to be taking a class next year to build my very own electricim wondering if i should invest alot of money into the project (you need to buy ur own pickups, etc) how much money am i ganna save making a guitar instead of buying one??? (this meaning exact same pickups and things inside store bought guitar)


How long is a piece of string? You can buy a serviceable electric guitar for less than the cost of some premium pick-upsThe cost of your guitar will depend on the quality of the parts you buy, no matter whether you buy it from a store or make it in your garageHaving said all that, if you have enough skill, you should be able to make a superior guitar for the same money as buying a cheap-to-midrange guitar, especially if you save money by making the wooden parts yourselfThe other nice part is designing it to your tastes and specifications: there are lots of different things you can do with wiring alone What is certainly more expensive is what most guitarists end up doing: they buy a guitar and gradually replace all the factory parts like wiring, pots, pick-ups, machine heads and bridge, which are invariably cheap and nasty.

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