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How much to replace cv joint axle on 05 chevy cobalt?

I see it on auto zone online for 80 bucks, but the guy at the mechanic saying he wants to charge 1000 dollars to change it because he says he needs to take out the transmission to do it Is that true? I see youtube videos of people doing it by taking out the tire. Is this about the right price or am i getting screwed?


Hello selfishb. The transaxle (transmission) does not have to be removed to replace an axle shaft. Please do not have that mechanic perform the repair. The GM part is around $125, and the dealership labor is around 3.5 hrs. x $90. So for about $500, the shaft can be replaced. Independent shops generally charge 15% less than the dealership. You will receive a warranty for parts and labor at the dealership. We, dealership technicians, HAVE to repair your vehicle. The buck stops here. If we cannot repair your GM vehicle, who can? That's just some propaganda for my part, (no offense to shade-trees or independent techs). Axle shafts are not difficult to replace. If you had the time, proper tools, and a decent service manual, you could perform this repair yourself. If you do not have these, please let a certified GM tech., who has been properly trained in this area, repair your vehicle. Peace.
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