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how much will a axle cost on a 2004 yukon Gmc?

we were stranded outside it broke down please let me know


well there is more to this story, usually, there is a reason an axle broke, and since there are front axles and rear axles, and the only one who knows what broke is you, we dont have a clue, a rear axle for one side is about 150 to 200 dollars, bearings about another 40 bucks for good ones, if this is a rear axle, the only way to repair it is to take the rear end apart, and this is where your bill may go up, Since you did not give us any information such as a possible reason for breaking your axle, one could only hazard a guess, generally its about three hours labor, some new gear lube and a bearing and an axle seal, about 400 bucks as a rough guess. HOWEVER, the last time I had one done on a 3/4 ton gmc, the little bolt that held the WHOLE REAR END TOGETHER BROKE, INSIDE THE AXLE HOUSING. amazingly enough the mechanic was able to unscrew the broken peice, but since I happened to be in some middle of nowhere town, where armpit kereoke on friday was the big entertainment sure enough, as common as it was, no one had the right bolt, not trying to rain on your misfortune, just be aware, things do pop up, anything to do in the rear end can go different directions. good luck
May 28, 2018

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