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How much will is cost to have a auto shop install an axle?

Recently i bought a front passenger axle and front brake pads. My main question is how much would it cost to me to have a auto service shop to install all the replacement parts i bought for my car? One shop quoted me 99$ for brakes and 140$ for the front axle. To me it seems a bit much just to install the parts i bought myself, but im not a mechanic so i wouldnt know. Can you guys let me know how much i should be paying?Thanks


The labor guide shows 1.1 hours to install an axle shaft. So they're a bit high. But not out of line considering you've deprived them of the profit on the axle. Many shops charge extra when customers provide their own parts. Bringing your own parts to a shop is like bringing your own bacon, eggs to a restaurant and offering to pay only for the time it took to fry them. The restaurant would tell you to take a hike. Shops are no different. They're in business to make money.
May 28, 2018
What's the year make and model of your car? Front axles (half shafts) cost less than a rear axle.
May 28, 2018

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