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How much would it cost to build a castle?

I'm not going to build a massive castle, only a small 3 story one with maybe a few wing towers and a wall around it and possibly a draw bridge with a river running below itIt wouldn't be too difficult to build but I was wondering how much it would costI was guessing about 50 wide by 50 feet with 2 feet thick walls and a gate house and a main house in itI can guess that the walls are going to be 18 feet tallHow much truck loads of rock would be required and how much mortar would I need? I wouldn't mind if the castle was made from composite rocks and bricks, just as long as it's a castle.


Maybe you should look into bermingIt would be much cheaper to buy a castle than it would be to make oneWith berming at least you have the material right thereInstead of a castle, a hole in the ground? If you had access to a contractors full line of equipment including crane it could be done with stone.

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