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How often should I change my windshield wipers on my car? How much do they cost?

How can I do this myself?


I usually change my wiper blades near the start of winter and begining of spring. Wipers go through a lot in summer constantly exposed to heat and so on and are prone to cracking and wear. The same goes for winter, constantly exposed to the harsh elements. Streaking, smearing or the blade no longer maintaining adequate pressure or contact with the windshield are all surefire signs that wiper blade replacement is due. Many windshield wiper kits sold today come with adapters to fit most domestic and import vehicles and instructions for installation are either printed on the packaging or on a leaflet inside. Installation is relatively simple usually taking no longer than fifteen minutes. A small bladed screwdriver may be required for some models, most just snap into place. Not all wiper blades are created equal, some wiper blades, particularly on the drivers side are longer in length to that of the passenger side. For example the drivers side may be 22 long while the passenger side may only be 19. Most parts stores can assist you in finding the correct size for your vehicle. How much do you want to pay? You can pay up to $50 CDN for a set of premium blades, or a little less $15 to $25 for a set of budget blades. If my old wiper blades are in fair condition, I hang onto them until spring, in the event I need one in a pinch. Nows the time to stock up on winter windshield washer fluid as well! Ex-GM Parts Pro 10+ years exp.
Trade it for a Mercedes Benz at least you will have a better car and is the real thing, not a Toyota-Camry-Mercedes Benz-Wannabe.
Whenever the rubber starts cracking or they don't clear wht windshield. Autozone has them for about $7 an up. If they aren't too busy, they will install them for free.
replace them as needed. Worn cracked or smudges. Easy to install about $15 for a pair. Make sure to get the right size

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