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How often will the new car be inflated

How often will the new car be inflated?


From the side of the tire, you can see the tread on the outside of the tire covered with a vertical line (one by one), and see where the tire touches the ground, if the contact surface has reached 4 (...!!!)! It's time to pump up.
It's usually oxygen, and the advanced cars in the 4S repair shop seem to be nitrogen, which is said to be more stable and less corrosive to the tires. The street can be added, as long as you pay attention to the tire pressure, the car in the car door or fuel tank lid will have the air pressure logo.
Hello! Daily tire maintenance can be done as follows: 1. Check the air pressure of all tires at least once a month, including the spare tire. 2, do not exceed the required driving conditions and legal restrictions of reasonable rate (for example, in front of a stone, pit and other obstacles please slow traffic or avoid). 3, regular wheel alignment and balancing are important to ensure your driving safety and to achieve ideal mileage. 4, in order to achieve uniform wear and tear effect, thereby prolonging the service life of the tire, the vehicle is moving 8000 kilometers to 10000 kilometers or so, to carry out tire adjustment. 5, prevent the sun, oil, acids, hydrocarbons from eroding tires. 6, you need to develop good driving habits

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