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How thick to make Floating Arm Trebuchet Axle?

I‘m building a floating arm trebuchet for a school competition and am trying to figure out how thick of a rod/pipe to make the counterweight axle. It is 48 long and need to support 200 lbs. on each end. Thanks!


i'm not fullyyt useful by technique of your description of what you mean by technique of floating-arm yet i wager you've stability the opt to attain a intense launch speed on the end with proscribing the decision of the bottom so as that the elastic fabric decision does not should be too large. likely the arm is loosely help on rope contained in the centre. arc length at tip to attain launch vel./ arc length at base to reduce elastic decision top arm length (help to tip) / decrease arm length (help to elastic attachment element)
May 28, 2018

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