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how tight should my front axle be? scooter?

how tight should my front axle be on my scooter?when i tighten it hard it seems to make the wheel spin slower (less freely) but i don‘t just want to rely on the cotter pin to hold on the nut


If you tighten it too tight not only will the wheel spin slower but you'll slow your acceleration, top speed, reduce fuel economy and you'll wear out the bearings faster. Not knowing the specs for your axle nut's torque, I'd suggest for you to tighten until slight drag is felt on the bearings the back off just enough to free it up and line up the cotter pin hole. Btw, that cotter pin, a safety device, is less likely to fail if you replace it every time you remove the axle and it's less likely to fail than for you to get a flat. It's soft steel with a low cyclic fatigue strength. Budd
May 28, 2018

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