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How to change the drive shaft axle on a 2005 Toyota Corolla S?

My husband was driving the car and pressed on the gas pedal and heard a loud grinding noise,and car wouldn‘t drive foward. He went under and realized we have a broken axle. Please help if you know how to do this. car has no ABS .Cannot afford to take it to a shop.Step by step and/or diagrams and tools needed. Thanks.


Remove the spindle nut. Put car up on jackstand and brace it from moving. Remove the wheel and brake disk and caliper. Disconnect the steering knuckle and slide it off the spindle. Remove the six 10 mm nuts from the inner part of the axle and pull it off the transaxle. Replace with a new or rebuilt axle and replace all parts in reverse of removal. Before you do any of this, mark the position of the steering knuckle on shock so you can put it back exactly like it was to preserve alignment. Check all nuts and bolts to correct torque. Get a repair manual to help see what to do and where everything is. Haynes will do. Chilton's is good. They run about $25 at any car part store. You'll do $100 worth of labor and the rebuilt part should cost less than $100.
May 28, 2018
this is a front wheel.A 4 wheel tension vehicle has a small lever merely beside the kit the gearbox has a pass container linked to it there's a prop shaft that connect the rear differential and so on it extremely is tips on a thank you to tell that vehicle is 4wheel or front wheel
May 28, 2018

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