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how to do better axles, pirouettes and toe touches?

Im a dancer and these are my weak spots.I can do a single pirouette with no problem, doubles and on get tricky.I cant do an axle to save my life,and my toe touches could be better.help?


Pirouettes: Practice going into a pirouette position on your toes while just staying still, not turning. Hold it for as long as you can. When you do turn, make sure to spot. Axles: Try starting from a chaine turn (pronounced sha-nay if that helps) and or a grand jete to get your speed up and help you get around. Then, just jump. Don't worry about falling. Just focus on getting around all the way and getting your second leg up as high as you can. Toe Touches: STRETCH! Just keep stretching your center splits and you will eventually get your toe touches.
May 28, 2018
Hey! Im a dancer for 14 years now! And man have i gone through alot of these problems. But for your toe touches: Strech Strech Strech You do have to have a good stradle to get toe touches. And have good leg strength to get into the air pretty dang high I used to sit in my middle splits through the whole commercial while watching tv and that helped me a TON. Maybe try that. Pirouttes: As for doubles, You need to have a good standing leg and be on the ball of your toes. SPOT! You wont get around without spotting something on the wall Whatever you do, DONT let your standing leg bend or that'll tip you over. Axels: Ehh I still cannot figure out how to do those. Hope I helped! Good Luck!(:
May 28, 2018
Stretch stretch stretch!!! The main factor approximately dancing is that you simply have to continually stretch! I've danced for years and each trainer I've had stresses the value of stretching. Also doing ab paintings is helping with turns and leaps. Your center is your vigour residence. It fairly is helping in the event you pull up tight and squeeze the whole lot in while you flip. The tighter you're the quicker you get round, and the extra turns you'll be able to do. You too can pass to youtube and they have got high-quality movies that deliver the manner step-by-step.
May 28, 2018

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