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How to dress punk rock at a school with a dress code?

If you wanted to define me in one word it would be punk rock. I love the music and everything else about it, but im not stereotypeing myself. I think punk rock is a way to live life and its your opinions on things but whatever. ANYWAYS I go to a school that has the dumbest dress code in the whole world. EVERY shirt you wear has to be collared. And you have to wear slacks and sh*t so I just wear dickies. I put safety pins all over my clothes but how am I gonna get the punk rock look with a dumb-*** dress code?!! haha thanks for listening to my rant, any help will be appreciated. thanks. :P


I would use 14/2 with 15 amp breaker for the smoke detectors. Code also requires a separate circuit for the smoke detectors. If you are using a metal electrical box for the smoke detector you must use the ground wire to ground it. If not I would leave the ground wire the same length as other wires, wrap around the romex and cover with tape. I never cut a wire so short I can never use it again as you never know when you might have too.
Wearing heavy woollen clothing while swimming sure has the potential to work out badly! In fact, wearing that same heavy woollen outfit in the middle of Arizona at the height of summer would likely be detrimental aswell. Now I think about I dont like your chances wearing shorts and a t-shirt in Alaska during winter either.

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