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how to fix scratch in pine floor ?

pine floor has a scratch ....how can I hide the scratch


They make colored crayons for this to fill in the area and to feather it in.
sometimes if the spot was pushed into the wood and not as much the wood being actually scraped away you can soak the spot and steam the wood back out with an iron using caution to keep checking so you dont scorch the wood then lightly sand the wood with 150 or finer paper and re stain. the bad/hardest part will be matching the stain the first time cuz usally thats all you get is once.
Depending on how deep the scratch is. If it is just a surface scratch, use a little Old English furniture polish on it. Make sure you match the stain of the flooring. If deeper, you can place a hot, wet cloth over the scratch and try to raise the wood grain. If not sure about doingit yourself, check the yellow pages for flooring or furniture restoration experts.

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