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How to get my daughter back in her own bed?

She is 8She started this about 2 months ago saying she didn't want to sleep in her own bed, she didn't want to sleep alone anymoreShe is an only child.On the rare ocassion she does actually fall asleep in her own bed, she ends up in mine at some point during the night.I have tried threatening her, rewarding her, bribing her - nothing works.Any ideas?


First of all I don't agree that you should humiliate herThat is never goodFind out what is happening with her that might be differentAt that age my daughter started having nightmaresShe was worried someone was going to kill us; every noise was someone trying to get in the house etcWe started watching her TV watching for things that might be scaring her (news, scary shows etc)I also started reading to her for a half hour or so every night I was home (again watching for contentHad to stop reading Charley and the Glass Elevator- aliens were giving her nightmares)The key was the routine and the relaxation before bedAlso I work nights seven nights a month so she gets to sleep with her mother in our bed on those nightsI guess my advice is see if anything is bothering her; set up a nighttime routine; and maybe let her sleep with you one or two nights a weekMaybe Saturday night or somethingOnly if you do stick to the schedule or she'll back to every night again.

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