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how to haave a cosy night in?

movies,hot chocolate,blankets fire etc.


I suspect that this is not all of the tale but rather just YOUR side and the officers not chick have a whole nother story! Get an Atty I suspect you will need one of those as well, you know a dude! See how disrespectful that sounds. I also suspect your attitude of belligerence went a long way in feeding their high fives.
You do whatever makes you happy you know that's all that matters. Your aunts and uncles and father probably had dreams of their own before time in the service stamped it out of them, no? I'm 19 too and I usually cruise the mental health/history boards, but anyway ya. F*ck em. Make a sequal to Private Ryan.
All matter is giving away energy in form of heat. For example, the absolute zero (0 degrees Kelvin) is never found in our universe because nothing is really empty. The higher the temperature, the higher the electromagnetic frequency. As you know, when things get really hot, you can see a flame. Infra-red is the electromagnetic frequency just under the visible light. It is emitted by e.g. our body temperature and, as such, it is much used for example in Search And Rescue operations to find human bodies at sea or in the snow. As such, you could make a burglary detector sensing not the doppler effect of a displacement but simply, the change of infra red image from someone being in front of an infra red sensor.

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