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How to increase max bench press?

I'm 16 years old i weigh 170 lbs and my max bench press is 145 lbs i would like to get up to at least 170 lbs by at least a couple of weeks what workout plan would help to quickly increase my max bench press?i also do take protein shakes but i have not seen much results from them


First of all I don't think pressing 25 lbs more in only two weeks is a reasonable expectation. Having said that I will share a few things that worked for me. - I increased my bench press by improving my triceps workout. They were the weakest link my bench press. - I started bench pressing my max weight one time a week instead of three. This allowed time for my muscles to recover. - I also had success performing three to five sets of the heaviest weight I could press more than six times to failure. These were things that worked for me. Maybe you will have success with one or two of them. Good Luck!
keep the protein shakes! but heres what you do. you can either switch up your rep set scheme, such as if your doing 3x10 switch up to 3x5 but use a higher weight. or you can switch it up from barbell bench press to dumbbell bench press. either of these will bust that plateau! keep on lifting! edit: to the guy above me a 5x5 ramping weight routine(aka madcow) is a little to advanced for this kid. he still has some gains to go befer he majorly plateuas and needs it.
Get a strong spotter. And do the heaviest weights you can possibly bench. Even if it means only doing one rep. Get in the rep, and take a break. This causes you to strain and push your muscles to their max. It makes more tissue tear, but when it repairs/heals, you will have bigger and stronger muscles. But I must say, don't get too carried away because it can be very risky.
increase max bench press
I doubt you'll be able to get your max up to 170 THAT fast, but the best strength routine for bench(or any lift) is the 5x5 routine. You'll do 5 sets of increasing weight each time. For you and your max, I'd try this- Warm up set- empty bar, or maybe a lil weight. Set 1- 85x5 Set 2- 95x5 Sets 3-5- 105x5 Then throw in more reps if you feel like you can do it; and lower weight if necessary. Be sure and fully heal your soreness before you do another chest day, and you should see results! As the weight and reps get easier, just add more. Work hard, and if you don't notice results right away, remember that progress doesn't come instantly! Good luck!

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