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how to keep curly hair healthy?

how do i keep my curly curly hair healthy with a low low budgetim really not that richidk what to do.i get it cut by my mom every 2 or 3 monthsi jsut want it to look healthy and curly and i want the curls to be firm and not lacey or hairs sticky out.pls help!!


Note I don't know if any of these articles mentions it, but apparently the human eye is attracted to the part of the spectrum that contains the dayglo colours, so they are seen first, which is why they are so good for safety clothing. Also note, that from a security point of view becuase they are so visible, and people expect them to be worn by certain people they the wearer can become 'invisible' by others expecting to see the person around. During the Olympics here in UK last year as the torch was carried around the country crowds came out to view, and in Town centres this meant crowd control. I took a Hi Visibility vest and was let behind the barriers and able to take photos unhindered, why well the Security took one look saw Hi Vis vest, and waved me through lol.
I was going to do the same thing, but a friend recommended I get my 3 year old daughter to hang over the stove with a bucket of shiit just in case.

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