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How to lower a semi-trailer box by getting rid off the axles?

My husband and I bought a salvage semi-truck (18-wheeler) trailer (box) to use it as storage in our property. We want to get rid off the axles and lower the trailer almost to ground level to make it easy to step inside it. Is a 45 footer trailer box. Our terrain is sand. It only has the back axle and the legs that come down for support in the other side. Thanks for your ideas. We had thought of setting tower made with cinder blocks and then taking the axel off and then taking one by one of the blocks until it almost comes to ground, leaving some blocks between the ground and the trailer and then building a ramp to access it even to put inside our little tractor and the land mower but I am still weary if this is the best options. Thank you for your help.


Is it a single axle or dual axle trailer? If it is a dual, the axles can actually be slid forward and backward and can be removed as a unit. If you try to remove the axles and landing gear, using blocks to hold the trailer up, you would have to have a way to lift the trailer off of the blocks before you could remove them, by slightly jacking the trailer up, removing one set of blocks, letting the trailer down, and repeating the procedure, The problem is that the trailer will be unstable while you are doing this, and could fall over and hurt or kill someone. You would have to cut off the rear under ride bar before you lowered the trailer What I would recommend is that you contact a heavy duty towing company or a crane company and have them lift the trailer body so that the axles and landing gear can be removed. Another option, which would be cheaper, is to build a wooden ramp and deck at the rear of the trailer.
May 28, 2018
The landing gear on the front of the trailer and the axle dolly on the rear are simply bolted onto the frame of the trailer. Don't use a cutting torch, as there may be some salvage value to the parts if they are removed carefully. I suppose building a cinder block platform underneath and then jacking the thing down one cinder block at a time is an option, but seems like this would take a long time, and I don't think it would be the safest method to use either. If it were mine, I'd hire a crane for a day and just lift the trailer long enough to remove the landing gear and the axle dolly, then have the crane set it down on the foundation built of cinder blocks.
May 28, 2018

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