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How to make a ball last longer in the air?

Materials: pin pong ball, sheet of paper,2 rubber bands,4 straws, and 4 Popsicle sticksYou don't have to use all materials.any suggestions.


If it is an epoxy resin, 24 hrs will do fine, if it's a polyester resin, I would put it in direct sunlight for a couple of days to make sure it has finished releasing the styrene vapors. The polyester resin does this so if you are adding thickness to your layup the next day, the styrene molecules breathing from the first layup will cross link with the styrene molecules in the fresh layup ensuring a chemical bond between the two layers.
YES! the best way to avoid it? Don't wear the goggles. Just keep your eyes closed, or if you're concered about it you can try wearing the goggles for only half the time you tan, making the lines less noticeable.

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