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How to make axles for a homemade toy car?

I have everything I need. I am using straws and bottle caps for the wheels but I have no idea how to place it on the car so it will spin. Please please help


If you really do like candy, do you have any empty lollipop sticks left lying around? Or can you empty a couple of them (yum) quickly? They would make perfect axles for a toy car of it's small. Cut small holes through the sides of the car where the axles should go, put them in, and attach the wheels.
May 28, 2018
Oh i remember doing that project! Is it the one where you make the simple machines? If it is, it's simple! All you got to do is make a 'car'. step 1: get a box (small), 2: buy push pops,3: punch holes in the box so the push pops make wheels, 4: make a pulley out of string, another small box, and push pops, 5: make a block to be a ledge and make a mini see-saw (lever). You use the pulley to get the 'car' down the wedge, then from the wedge you see the 'car' go down and up the see-saw! Isn't it brilliant! my teacher gave me an A+ on the 'car' and an A+ on the writing. (step by step, how-to) inclined plane and lever is the see-saw, the wheel and axle is the 'cars' wheels, the wedge is the wedge or block, and you built a pulley!
May 28, 2018

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