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how to play this guitar song?

I'm tryin to learn the guitar bit for I'm no Superman. I looked at a video and the guy plays it with a capo, which I don't haveDoes anyone know how to play it w/o a capo a video lesson would be great but if u can only give me the chords and lyrics I would realy appreciate it


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Lightning rods are metal rods that are placed high up on the roofs of houses and other buildings [also lots of other structures] The rod is connected to a heavy wire that goes down the structure and is buried in the ground. [grounded] Lightning is a huge electric spark which is very hot. With a lightning rod in place, a bolt of lightning can hit the rod and all of the electricity goes down the wire and into the ground. Without a lightning rod the same huge electric spark would hit the roof and travel through the wood of the house. This could easily start a fire, due to the high heat of the spark. Lightning bolts are also powerful enough to splinter wood, so even if no fire was started one could seriously damage a building.

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