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how to pull the rear axle on my 73 cj5?

I need to remove the ring gear and carrage but I need the axles to come out. How do I get the axles out? i have the cover off and ready to go just need some guidence


It depends on what you have in your Jeep a Dana 44 ( what should be ) or a dana 35 or 30. Lets go on the assumption you have a 44. 1 remove tires 2 remove brakes 3 unbolt the four nuts at the ends of the diff, your axle flange should have a hole in it to get a nuts, if not us a open end wrench. 4 with flange unbolted and hang on axle shaft slide axle out. And there ya go . Now drop your carrier, do you know how to set up your ring and pinion if you are changing it or putting in a locker. it a lot harder than removing a axle If you have a 35 dana, not to hard either 1 diff cover off 2 tires removed 3 remove pin in carrier that keeps the spider gears in place. Unbolt retainer pin bolt slide out spider gear pin. Carefully and watch your finger. pinching and crushing can result and is no fun 4 push axles inward and the c-clip will be seen on the side spider gears 5 use a magnet to lift out c-clips and slide out axles. And there ya go If you got the tapered rear end then steve has ya cover. just be careful you can screw up those threads real quick and those axles are hard to come by used and for a decent price or you pay big bucks through Omix-ada. No Fun Hope this helps and good luck
May 28, 2018

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