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How to remove MY loose hair from my bedsheets?

My hair is really fine and fragile, and I find it breaks off a lot when I sleep and ends up all over my sheets. I can't seem to get rid of the hair by washing alone, or even tumble drying the sheets, is there anything else I can try? Like some sort of ball type thing to add to the wash to collect the hair? I really dont want to have to go over my sheets with a lint roller, it's too time consuming, and I've found my hair doesnt tend to stick anyway.


There will be a fire happening in your house or somewhere near your house. Or it can show that someone in your family is having a problem which is represented by the fire and their problem is getting worst like a fire spreading.
The best way is the simplest way. Forget the gadgets. Ghost hunters like to use them to feel like they are being scientific, but they are far from being that. Instead, look for the likeliest explanations. It sounds like there is someone in your house who is making things orderly and clean. Many houses have such a person. I would start with questioning your household and see which one is cleaning up. That's your culprit. Such people are often so busy they don't remember specific things they've done in their cleaning.

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