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how to remove rear axles on 88 ford ranger to replace seals?

i assume it‘s posi. there is s shaped pieces where the c-clips would be and i‘ve never seen this before. is there some different procedure to remove the axles from this type of differential? any info would be very helpful. thankyou.


you cannot do a brake stand with a stick shift, besides it looks pretty stupid not moving dont you think? frying tires for no reason, ruining an expensive transmission and why? to loolk stoopid??
May 28, 2018
if it has an inspection plate then you need to remove it so the grease will pour out. then you take out a small bolt and drive the pin through part way, not all the way or you won,t be able to turn the tires. then you reach in and pull a c-clip out and pull your axles. a front loader is easier because they have floating axles and all you do there is take the drum off, take out some bolts and out comes the axle because a front loader has no inspection plate. matter of fact last summer i worked on a FORD just like yours and the seals were leaking on the brake shoes. but you have to find out if it has an inspection plate on the rear of the rear end first. some are front loader rear ends and some has an inspection plate.
May 28, 2018
is is this a jackpot rear, or a inspection plate rear for me to answer I need to know
May 28, 2018

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